When your grandparents were kids, one in every three American families lived and worked on family farms. Today, organic farms are closest to the lifestyle and high quality of food those farms once produced. Come along for a day and see why.

There's something in a sunrise that draws us out of bed and makes the soul sing!

Come on babies, come on my babies.

Our cows await the song. They come along to the coziness of the barn for milking.

Milking Time

Milking is the central work we share twice each day of the year, morning and evening.

Feed is set out for each cow
The ladies all know their spot in the barn
Clean the udders
Hang the milkers
Chill the milk in the bulk tank
Bottle-feed the calves
Heifers get hay and milk in pails
Clean up the cows' mess (aka poop)!
Wash up the milkers
Freshen the cow bedding

Move the pasture fence,
open up fresh pasture and
let the cows run free!

What's good for you— fresh air, sunshine, exercise, eating right—is also good for cows.

They get the very best, lush, nutritious organic grasses every day. This leads to excellent, wholesome milk for you.

Healthy pasture leads to a more healthful balance of essential fatty acids your body needs.

Time for lunch!

Meal times on a farm mean family sitting down together and sharing food and conversation.

Three Tractor Panel

Putting up Hay

We cut, bale, and stack the hay to save the energy of the summer sun for our cows' winter nutrition.

Boy on Swing in Barn
Girl kicking soccer ball

There are no weekends on a family farm, so whenever it comes along we seize the time to play. It's all about balance.

Community is Golden

Ball leagues, riding clubs, dances, church and school events, and farmers markets make up the real glue of our agri-culture.

Girls Winning Softball Celebration

Diversity Makes Us Whole

Diversity Makes Us Whole

Organic farming is everything working together to make a healthy whole. We study and nurture the powerful, ancient harmony in nature's diverse garden.

Diversity Makes Us Whole

Seed. Growth. Harvest. Soil, plant and animal— the interdependence of life is all around. Farm kids play a part in it every day!

Calling in the Cows

The cows are ready again, their udders are hanging low. They welcome the gentle call and come to the barn.

The Milk Truck

At least every other day our milk is "picked up" by a truck from our Organic Valley cooperative. A chilled sample is taken; this is one of 57 quality checks our organic milk will pass before it arrives in your grocery aisle.

Goodnight Cows

Time to let the cows out to fresh pasture and get some rest.
Tomorrow's another day.

Thanks for joining us today.

Our shared commitment to the earth, our families, and our food system ensures that tomorrow is even brighter.

All photos and videos are of Organic Valley farmers.